Jacky Leung

Death By Mage
Award-Winning TTRPG Freelance Writer & Editor
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Dm's Guild

Bestselling exclusive works featured on the DMs Guild using the D&D 5e ruleset.


An Asian #OwnVoices anthology series featuring Asian folklore and myths. Creative Lead Designer for Unbreakable Publishers.


Indie game designs featuring unique systems, exploratory storytelling, and nontraditional settings.

Professional Freelance

TTRPG Projects I contributed as a freelance designer, editor, writer & more. Plus, any appearances in news, media, & panels.


A TTRPG Streamer, commonly seen as a cast member (or guest) player/GM on different Twitch streams & channels. Narrative director for actual-play RPG productions. One of several co-founders of All Nerds Here.

Freelance Portfolio

Atlas Animalia Statbook 5e (2019) - contributor, "Rust Monster" & "Myconid"Godkillers (2019) - credited editorPower Outage (2019) - credited editorCrusade of Thorns (2019) - narrative director & showrunner, 3 concurrent 12-episode shows for Vampire: the Masquerade 5th EditionRPG Writer Workshop (2020) - worldbuilding lesson contributorPathfinder Lost Omens: Gods & Magic (2020) - lore & mechanics contributor, "Achaekek" & "Sivanah"Unlocked Troubles, a Drakar Expansion (2021) - contributor, "Oracle of the Vanir"Eldritch Sands (2021, Upcoming) - lore & atmosphere writerJust Dessert (2021) - game designer & writerFate of Cthulhu: The Rise of Azathoth (2021) - proofreaderMore to come!

Media Appearances

DMsGuild Design Dash (2019)'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplement Adds Slime as a Playable Race (ComicBook)Dungeons & Dragons Anthology Spotlights Asian-Inspired Monsters & Adventures (ComicBook)Studio Ghibli Meets Dungeons & Dragons in This Adventure Anthology (Nerdist)Fireside w/ Peter Adkinson: New Voices in D&D (GenCon 2020)DMsGuild Q&A (GenCon 2020)Nerdarchy Daily Live Chat (2021)Non-Western Traditions & Folklore (ArCONa 2021)Magic Systems in TTRPG (ArCONa 2021)Meet the More Digital, and More Diverse, Dungeons & Dragons (Atelier 2021)DMsGuild Community Jam - Feywild (2021)
The Unbreakable Anthology ft. Jacky Leung & Collete Quach (2020)Asians Read: AD&D Kara-Tur (2020-2021)The Wrap Up: "Bleed in RPGs" (2021)The Wrap Up: "Magic the Gathering & Asian Representation" (2021)